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Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting as Foundation of Your Company

When building a house, a solid and reliable foundation plays a crucial role. You should attach just as much importance to a well-organised financial accounting as foundation of your company. A poorly-managed financial accounting has an impact on all areas of a company, and may lead at worst to a company's insolvency.

Customised Solutions

In our view, a well-managed financial accounting goes far beyond a purely mechanical entry of supporting documents. Bearing in mind that different companies need different solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the respective company with due regard to the statutory requirements, we ensure that our qualified employees who handle your financial accounting have a solid understanding of your company and your business model. We are convinced that this is the only way to ensure that your individual business processes are correctly reflected in the financial accounting within the framework of statutory requirements.

Furthermore, when entering supporting documents we seek to identify potential risks and pitfalls, e. g. related to VAT within the context of invoicing in case of international supply of goods and services, and communicate them to you in a timely manner.

Comprehensive Reporting

A comprehensive reporting goes hand in hand with your book-keeping. This controlling-reporting provides you with an overview of the evolution of your revenues and expenses, allowing you at the same time to get a deeper insight into the financial or liquidity position of your company. In this way you will be able to take necessary measures in good time.

Our Services

  • Organisation of the company's accounting
  • Assignment of accounts to the relevant current business transactions and EDP-supported recording
  • Preparation of short-term profit and loss accounts
  • Management of clients' and suppliers' open items
  • Current financial accounting
  • Support of your accounting department
  • Monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Introduction of cost accounting systems in your company
  • Support in the implementation of financial accounting previously kept in Germany in a group financial accounting system used abroad

Also as regards financial accounting we focus on continuously increasing efficiency, among other things by performing electronic bank accounting or using digital record keeping, for example by use of the software DATEV Unternehmen Online.

In the event that you do not wish to outsource your book-keeping completely, we offer the opportunity to split your financial accounting. In this case we will handle only some specific parts of your accounting. Of course, we assist you in choosing a suitable accounting software which is compatible with our systems, and has an appropriate interface for a fast and cost-effective transfer of your data.

Furthermore, we offer training for your accounting staff. Additionally, we keep you informed on a regular basis about current, important legal changes in fiscal and commercial law.


Please note

Although we would, of course, like to offer financial accounting services for all existing sectors, yet there are some sectors which require specific know-how and a certain degree of specialisation. For this reason we deliberately refrained from including the following areas in our range of services:

  • Financial accounting for construction companies
  • Financial accouting for catering trade

In case you need financial accounting services for these sectors, please feel free to contact us nevertheless. It is understood that we will establish contacts with our colleagues specialised in these fields who have the relevant professional experience.

Any further questions?

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